3nd annual wake for charles bukowski with the intention of eventually making it a national holiday for drunks, poets and those with bold, exciting approaches to life.

trying to engineer a city wide happy hour just because it would be awesome!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


march ninth

Take the day off of work
start the day at con murphies with eggs and irish coffees
use the tactics of the occupy philly people and plan to do fun shit all over the city like taking peoples bars over for a few minutes
like a drunken flash mob

they cant throw us all in jail

plan to demand happy hours at every bar you enter
picket with signs if they don't comply

the drinkers united will never be defeated! THE DRINKERS! UNITED! WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED!
help compose "happy death day song" at brunch and sing it all around the city!

dramatic live reading of script of barfly at fergies pub at 2pm

fun fun fun

this years theme is occupy barstools

here is last years winner JACOB RUSSEL accepting the coveted PIGKOWSKI trophy from last years winner FFRANCESCA COSTANZA

Friday, March 4, 2011

heres the famous pigkowski stauette, like the stanley cup it travels home with the winner until the next years event
here it is in a place of honor in francesca costanzas home

Monday, February 14, 2011


Sunday, December 5, 2010


the zombie is in negotiations with the philadelpha tuf club to do an horse handicapping comedy show for them on their network and to PIMP THEIR POKER ROOM

they are going to pay me to play in zombie costume
ill just start showing up in it....or not.....whatever
maybe a well executed zombie bukowksi tee shirt says it all
make a few and sell them off my back at the poker games i play in
my shirt is always for sale to my reading public

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heres the proud winner franchesca with famous judge angel hogan and pam who was the only person in the bar when the zombie walked in to set up the speakers for the fabulous deejay....
she was reading "love is a dog from hell" which is one oF the zombies faves...
the zombie apologizes about the coitus in the restroom....
mostly to the person who wrenched the doorknob(theres no lock) and had to see the spectacle.....the zombie promises that the parties involved have been chastised....
ten pounds of gummi worms were left in our wake this evening....the gummi battle was spectacular with readers often having to pull matrix like moves to avoid the gummis that the midwestern psychopath reader didnt grab off the floor by the handful and eat....the zombie absolutely loved the original work titled "fuck trophies" which made him hungry for more...Thanks triangle, THANKSYOU ALL THE BRAVE READERS, thanks jeffie the bartender for understanding that the zombies tribe is a free spirited free wheeling fun loving bunch....sorry for the handful of gummi worms that almost knocked your glasses off big fella....thanks for not turning it into a brawl, you got up at just the worst time and there was some ZING on that salvo cuz the zombie is a deceptive athlere....sorry again to the deep voiced female identifying 6 footer who got an eyeful...thinking that the next event will be called CHARLED BUKOWSKI IS STILL DEAD and focusing primarily on poems where death is prominent, especially during springtime the zombie wants you to realize that the prettiest flowers have the most dead bodies buried beneath them, nutritious worm food which produces the best soil....We had 12 dieefernt readerr, three originals, some paraphrasing fun, FANTASTIC MUSIC and a great time was had by all....watch this space for the next installment...coming soon...

Friday, March 5, 2010

zombie bukowski ia a metaphor
zombie bukowski feels your pain
zombie bukowski wishes his friends would trust him
zombie bukowski is a frieght train picking up speed
zombie bukowski lives in an imperfect world
zombie bukowski is actively improving this imperfect world

you are either with zombie bukowski,
or whatever man

zombie bukowski is infectuous humor
zombie bukowski is the man
zombie buloski pushed grown neanderthals around for years without complaining about the pain, nay he relished the pain and returned the same...
zombie bukowski deal with his pain with words
zombie bukowski loves to share those words
zombie bukowski will not be around forever
zombie bukowski expires on charles bukowskis birthday in august
(metaphors are a dime a dozen and five months is a long run)
zombie bukowski agrees with JIMI HENDRIX about lysergic acid but disagrees with him about manic deperssion being a frustratedness
zombie bukowksi is alrady getting tired of being zombie bukowski but the show must go on
zombie bukowski is not a big fan of drama and has simple solutions to complex problems
zombie bukowski is a fully owned subsidiary of swamp hippy industries
zombie bukowski will sleep with your mom
zombie bukowski craves the quiet of his casket again and needs to find some god damned poets to carry on the words so he can get back to decomposing

Friday, February 19, 2010

TO ALL MY FRIENDS..............

He's been dead for 16 years now and his FLESHY REANIMATED REMAINS are mad as hell at the state of modern poetry. He will be sharing new poems and hosting a poetry open reading dance party on the anniversary of his death March 9, 2010 at A LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED.

At this Festival we will crown the "Bukowski-est" of the evening and he or she will win a HEALTHY CASH PRIZE. Tell your starving poet alcoholic buddies about this opportunity to turn their art into cash. Honored poets will then be invited to the philly regional BUKOWSKIFEST held in AUGUST for an even huger cash prize, intergalactic honor, and the glory of finally letting this demon spawn ZOMBIE BUKOWSKI die a natural death.